In Nature and in You

I like the cool winds kissing my face and the warmth of your hands clasping my breas’,
I like the greenery in my eyes and the redness of your skin carrying my playful bites,
I like the scent of the flowers and the smell of your body rubbing mine for hours.

I like the shadows of the mountains and light of your eyes piercing my servile veins,
I like the music of clouds rolling over and the sound of your breath trapping my soul forever.
I love Nature in its fullest and i love Us making love in all our emptiness…

Dance – The Moving Poetry

Is there a word which makes you feel alive? A word which evokes a lot of love in you? A word which surpasses semantics and becomes one with you? For some it’s a name, for some it’s fame or money, for me it’s dance. As a kid i wanted to be a dancer and a teacher. Eventually i decided to be a dance teacher to make peace with the two sides of my heart. Probably because the mind was louder than the heart, I ended up not pursuing any of the two.

Decades later i find myself dancing again…this time to the tunes of my heart. 🙂 It happens that I have joined dance classes to learn a form called “Contemporary”. To me, contemporary is poetry in motion. I like poetry and I like it more when you create it with just your body movements. The dance form allows you to express your deepest emotions in unprecedented ways – be it happiness, pain, anger, love or lust. The one-hour I spend in the dance class trying to replicate the body movements of my teacher is the most blissful hour of the day. So blissful that I lose track of time altogether.

Dance is something I really enjoy. It makes me forget the vagaries of daily life, the usual stress, the ups and downs and helps me become one with myself. It’s an hour of unadulterated happiness. It’s freedom. It’s fun. It’s life.

As I learn to become oblivious of getting the technicalities right, I enjoy dancing more. I have realised that dancing is about learning to be free with your body and emotions. Hence the phrase – “Dance like no one’s watching!”. I dance because it helps me find myself while i am lost in it. Ironical but true.

P.S. : Is it possible to suck at something you really love to do? History says no. Hopefully I will be able to prove her right. 😉